Fantastic place

Have you ever been to a shooting range? It`s a place that never ceases to fascinate me and not only because of its atmosphere, which is very nice by the way. My grandpa got me into target shooting and believe it or not, it has lasted me so far. Don`t you believe? Never mind, I know what I know. At the beginning, I thought that shooting was not difficult at all and that I would learn everything right away. But I was very wrong, because it was definitely not like that. You don`t learn anything right away, which is actually true. And I could tell you about it. When you are a small child, you also learn everything gradually. In the beginning, you don`t understand much of the world and gradually you start to understand things, read, speak, write, count, make friends with others and so on.


And that is exactly what is called the cycle of life, and it is completely natural. I have a lot of hobbies, and one of them is target shooting, which I like the most. I enjoy it and whenever I can go to the shooting range, if I don`t feel well, I just focus on shooting the target and that actually calms me down and makes me feel better right away. You also have to concentrate well when shooting to hit the target squarely. In the beginning, it will probably be a bit more difficult, because nothing is immediate and even the Master Carpenter sometimes gets cut.


Everyone makes mistakes and you can`t do anything right the first time. But that`s what drives us. When a person wants to learn to draw, he can`t do it all at once, and he learns it. But in order to learn it, he is driven by the desire and the feeling that he is really good at something and that he is good at it, but you understand that. Shooting is about endurance. You are not born a professional shooter; you learn it at the range. My friends wonder why I enjoy target shooting, and I always tell them that I don`t know why they are so surprised. Every person has a hobby and what he will do is purely up to him and his independent choice to make…

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